Georgette Yetter,  Ph.D.

Due to social distancing requirements to slow the spread of COVID-19, until further notice, most services provided by Dr. Yetter are being done by telemedicine (HIPAA compliant encrypted videoconference via the TherapyPortal site). Services which cannot be carried out in a clinically responsible way by telemedicine but which are compatible with all parties wearing face masks, including some psychotherapy and psychological testing services, are being scheduled face-to-face on a limited basis, as is in-person autism testing, which must be done without face masks, as it requires the clinician and patient to see each other's facial expressions is.

I offer a range of diagnostic and therapeutic services as outlined below.

Diagnostic Psychological Evaluations

I offer diagnostic assessment services for persons of all ages, with an emphasis on developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and learning disorders.

At the conclusion of most evaluations, a meeting, either face-to-face or by videoconference is held, at which

I also offer law-enforcement evaluations and pre-procedural psychological evaluations for spinal stimulator trials and bariatric surgeries.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I offer